The Bracelet Collections

People often ask how I come up with inspiration for my jewelry projects and products. I often look no further than my own surroundings.

From bright blue southwestern skies, muted green sagebrush and twisted pine trunks, electrifying sunsets, pungent red and green chiles, rustic corn and earthy tones in adobe or stucco to a raging and moody monsoon season, there is a broad range of subjects to choose from ! There are several bracelet collections that I have compiled for the discerning customer -


- The Desert Nudes Series

A series of nude colored leathers and contrasting Swarovski crystals.


- The V-Shank Desert Sands Series

A series of sparkling leather paired with contrasting Swarovski crystals.


- The Single Shank Series

Various assorted leathers paired with contrasting Swarovski crystals.


- The Channel-Set Leather Zamak Cuffs

Lightweight Zamak cuffs inset with various print and embossed leathers.


As I stated before, a lot of my lines derive their names from their surroundings. The Sandia bracelet, with its pinkish purplish hues which echo a gorgeous mountain sunset....the Mojave Rose bracelet, with its intense fuschia, the White Sands bracelet, the Morning Star bracelet, etc. We dare to capture such southwestern beauty in the form of art and successfully bring it to you, our loyal and adventurous customers. Enchantment and unique variety is something we strive to bring to you time and time again. Our designs are unique. Our designs are timeless. They draw from our colorful history in the desert southwest. They dangle proudly on your earlobes,nestle on your collarbones and cradle your wrists for the rest of the world to see and enjoy. They dare to share a story-your story ~