What a year......

I think that we can all sit down for a quick second to finally reflect and say.....'HOLY COW.....WHAT A YEAR !!!'

Covid has proven to be a serious challenge for so many people and their businesses this season. Most artists and crafters have truly had to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing and advertising their goods and services since live shows and markets were canceled due to health concerns due to the rampant spread of the virus. One of the great things is that I think, at least on a local level, that we have rallied around  the small business model and made it a huge point to support each other throughout this ordeal. I have seen so much support and love in this art community that it makes my heart happy. Hoping it continues as we delve into the holiday months. My hope is to continue offering quality products and unique designs at an affordable price so that *everyone* can enjoy them. Quality over quantity - isn't that the way it should be ? I am hoping that our community will continue to support these wonderful local businesses. Your support is greatly appreciated and needed <3

We have a mini holiday launch coming up in a week. This will give customers plenty of time to negotiate the USPS while also finding that perfect gift for your special someone.

Keep creating. Keep loving and showing support. Keep love and kindness in your hearts <3


'Per aspera ad astra' ~

'Through the thorns to the stars'


- Corrina -